Version 1.37 - 16/08/2015

Animal Trapping

New Features
  • Trapping system.
  • Perk requirements in the No Perks version altered to account for SkyRe/Perma perk changes, if the player is using SkyRe/Perma.
  • New and improved models and textures for skinned animals; Deer, Elk, Horker, Mammoth, Sabre Cat and Troll.
  • Users of Hunterborn will get my skinned animal effect when using the skinning system in Hunterborn.
  • Realistic Skinning system no longer works when the player is in werewolf form.
  • Ability to improve Hunting Guild armour fixed.
  • Hunting Challenge 9 now available and will begin automatically upon completing challenge 8.
  • Fixed lots of papyrus log errors.

  • The passage of time in the Realistic Skinning system is now optional and can be turned off in mod options. Default is on.