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Version 1.3

posted 8 Jun 2013, 03:14 by Richard Webster   [ updated 7 Dec 2013, 03:57 ]
Version 1.3 - 19/03/13

Quests, Stats, Carcasses

New Features
  • Mod requires Update.ESM as a master and the latest skyrim patch as of this date
  • Pelts added by Real Wildlife (Like Large Bear Pelts) will count towards pelts counts, during some quests.
  • Added special activator in Whiterun Guild Outpost to convert Real Wildlife pelts into normal pelts.
  • Skinning & Carcass System.
  • Kill Tracking system.
  • Added more main quests.
  • Added repeatable contract quests.
  • Added the beginnings of the trophy system.
  • Added purchasable guild hall upgrades.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Elk Hides to read Elk Hide instead of Deer Hide (game issue).
  • Fixed pelt trading dialogue to accept the correct Deer and Elk Hides, and fixed the Sabrecat Pelt bug.
  • Fixed mod bug where "friendly" animals (dogs etc) would attack the player, like the ones in Dawnguard.
  • Fixed game bug where Black Bears had brown pelts, and Brown (Cave) Bears had black pelts.
  • Mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit (and will be each update).
  • Slanted wall outside of Pelagia Farm.
  • Deleted pillar in the Bannered Mare.
  • Fixed stair in Whiterun Guild base so actors no longer get stuck at the top. This is a bug with that stair object, in all places in Skyrim you find them... like in Breezehome.
  • Fixed a bug which meant all hunters in the game say the line "...you're the one who killed Great White", and only that line.