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Version 1.3.3

posted 21 Jul 2013, 14:42 by Richard Webster   [ updated 7 Dec 2013, 03:57 ]
Version 1.3.3 - 21/07/13


New Features
  • Added my custom recorded music back into the mod, converted to XWM so it longer causes crashes.
  • New Wolf and Sabrecat variations (3 Complete)
  • Animal Dens (5 Complete) - More Info
  • Path Of The Hunter Skill Tree - More Info
  • Hanging Rabbits/Pheasants in Guild Halls will now respawn and behave realistically. When harvested they will disappear and respawn 3 days later. Their normal vanilla counterparts do not do this in Skyrim.
  • New Ability added - Hunter's Precision. Causes bleeding damage with bow attacks against animals and creatures.
  • Users of my Woodsman's Shack player home will find a Skinning Table and Skinning Rack outside the shack. Woodsman's Shack will not require an update.
  • Added Guild Chests.
  • Added the ability to craft Portable Skinning Kits (Basic, Common, and Expert) at Skinning Tables. 8 variations available for each type; Deer, Elk, Cave Bear, Snow Bear, Horse, Sabre Cat, Snowy Sabre Cat, and Mammoth.
  • Added the ability to craft Leather at Skinning Racks for all animal pelts, including improved pelts. Improved pelts can give you Good, Fine, and Flawless Leather.
  • Added the ability to improve (temper) the Hunting Guild Armour at blacksmith workbenches.
  • Added a Skinning Table to Cliffside Retreat in place of the standard wooden table there.
  • Set up an update script to transition between the old and new skill systems.
  • Beginnings of Animal Clue System released. Inspecting animal claw marks inside Animal Dens.

  • Huntsman Feats now only count towards your Hunting Skill by 1/10th.
  • General clean ups.
  • Optimised and improved scripts.
  • Removed the fade-to-black when taking an animal carcass.
  • Removed the notification that my SKSE features are enabled.
  • Removed unused files from file system, lowering the BSA file size.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed durations for the Hunter's Kill Vision spells.
  • Fixed Wolf Carcass condition that made it unavailable.
  • Manually cleaned up a few wild edits.
  • Fixed perk entry points. Higher perk ranks for my perks did not exclude lower ranks.
  • Created a new Death Item Levelled List for the skinning result for Horse & Goats. The one in the game doesn't have Use All ticked, so sometimes you don't actually receive the pelt. Only affects my skinning system, the standard game version remains unchanged.
  • Fixed dialogue for upgrading the Whiterun shop to only accept Gold once, by removing the upgrade note.
  • Great White Stag - Fixed the skin texture, will no longer have a blue tint. Also decreased the animal's size slightly.