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Current Development

Currently working on version 1.3.7

This page serves as a kind of preview changelog of new updates being worked on. As I'm developing a new mod version I'll create a post for it and add new details for new features, fixes, and changes as time goes on.

To see details for the mod versions and updates, visit the Changelog page.

Development - Version 1.3.7

posted 18 Feb 2014, 10:54 by Richard Webster   [ updated 29 Jan 2015, 23:12 ]

Development - Version 1.3.7

New Features
  • Trapping system.
  • Perk requirements in the No Perks version altered to account for SkyRe perk changes, if the player is using SkyRe.
  • New and improved models and textures for skinned animals; Deer, Elk, Horker, Mammoth, Sabre Cat and Troll.

  • Realistic Skinning system no longer works when the player is in werewolf form.
  • Ability to improve Hunting Guild armour fixed.
  • Hunting Challenge 9 now available and will begin automatically upon completing challenge 8.
  • Fixed papyrus log errors referencing HISAnimalHuntDirScript.

  • The passage of time in the Realistic Skinning system is now optional and can be turned off in mod options. Default is on.

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