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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Some of the terminology I use are the same as the standard game. However some will be expanded versions of their game meaning. See below for more details.


Skinning refers to the act of obtaining an animal skin by using one of the two methods this mod features; crafting the pelt/hide using the animal carcass object, or by removing the animal pelt/hide using the Realistic Skinning system.

For the Carcass skinning system a carcass is the ingredient you need to create an animal's skin and parts. See the skinning result section of the carcass list found here to learn more. 

Radiant / Radiance

In Skyrim a lot of the quests you can find are known as Radiant Quests. These allow different quest givers, different items to retrieve and rewards to earn, and different settings and locations to be used, chosen at random by a system called Radiant Story. This works well, and in Hunting in Skyrim I have taken advantage of this system. However I had a need to expand and essentially craft my own radiant system in order to allow more variance from the object side, rather than the story side.

My radiant system uses the default Radiant Story system and mixes it with some clever scripting. This method allows me to craft a quest that has literally every part of it chosen at random. Hunt Contracts are building on this even further, to allow even the story being told in the quest to be chosen at random. One Hunt Contract can have dozens of different outcomes.

A large part of my radiant system also includes and expands on the dynamic conditional radiance the Skyrim system already uses. Coupled with my scripting, the conditional style I can use goes beyond what is currently available in the main game.

The results are almost unlimited in terms of replay value.


If a quest is marked as repeatable, it means that you are able to accept and complete the quest more than once. Sometimes it will only be available to repeat again under certain conditions. If so, the conditions will be listed in the quest details on this website.

Guild Hall

A Guild Hall is a "base" for the Hunters of Skyrim. It is a place where Guild members can live, and it can be used for resting, obtaining quests, and where available is upgradable. Some Guild Halls also allow the crafting of trophies.


A Guild Outpost refers to a Guild Hall that is not considered a main hall.


Stats are what this mod tracks and keeps a record of them in the player's Hunting Guild Log Book. The list of tracked stats is viewable on that Stat Tracking page.

Log Book

The Hunting Guild Log Book is the name of the journal the player is given to hold all of the tracked stats. It keeps a count of all the stats that this mod tracks. The list of tracked stats is viewable on that Stat Tracking page.

Skill Points

A Skill Point is a numerical reward for increasing the Hunting Skill and Skinning Skill, and can be used to unlock unique abilities. More info on the Skill Points page.


An ability is a unique power or game setting that allows certain bonus results or effects to be obtained. Abilities are listed according to their skill type, on the skill's page. Either Hunting Skill or Skinning Skill.


Contract can have two meanings. The singular Contract refers to a type of side quest the player can accept that requires a certain number of animal skins to be collected for a (usually) randomly generated NPC. The word Contract can be preceded by a type word, changing the type of contract quest it is. Such as Hunt Contract, or Export Contract. More details on the Side Quests page.

Prey/Predator Animals

As in real life, however less broadly, Skyrim has two main types of animals in the game's food chain. Prey and Predators. Predators are usually strong and ferocious animals, known to attack people and hunt down weaker prey animals. Prey animals are generally weaker than predators, and do not hunt or kill other animals. They are usually docile and most of the time they will bolt when startled or disturbed.


I like to categorise the wildlife in skyrim using two main categories. Animals are an "earthly" type and include things such as Deer, Foxes, and Bears. Creatures on the other hand are less "earthly" and include wildlife such as Trolls, Giants, and Frostbite Spiders.

I decided to split the this way from a technical standpoint as they are literally worlds apart. However in Skyrim any type of creature or animal fits in with the world in which they live.