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Hunting in Skyrim aims to bring to the game a better hunting experience. New gameplay mechanics have been introduced changing the way players hunt, survive, and obtain animal parts and skins from their kills, taking the experience to a whole new level. At it's base level, this mod is working to make living and earning off of the land more exciting, challenging, and much more rewarding. However these new features and gameplay mechanics are fused together by the core idea of the mod; bringing a new Hunting Guild into Skyrim. The name of this Guild is the Hunters of Skyrim.

Visit The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun, or talk to the Hunters wandering the wilds of Skyrim to learn more.

Inside the Drunken Huntsman Basement (temporary Guild Hall) you'll find a journal on a table. Read it, take it, and you'll begin your journey to become the greatest hunter Tamriel has ever known.

Visit the Features page for a quick breakdown of what this mod currently has to offer, or browse the various sections in the navigation menu.

Goals Of This Mod

The Hunters of Skyrim will become an economic and public service powerhouse, providing services such as pelt/animal part collecting, hunting for game or sport, as well as protecting the good people of Tamriel from the foulest of beasts the lands have ever seen. The reach of the guild will be almost unlimited, and it will have outposts strewn across Skyrim, as well as in Solstheim, High Rock, Valenwood, and who knows where else. The player will follow the journey of this guild from it's humble beginnings, right up until the climax of it's tale, rising through the ranks as the guild grows in size, strength, and renown. Unlike some stories being told in the world, the player may not be the star of the show in this yarn. The guild will grow around them, and will be a living breathing establishment that's lore friendly and fits in perfectly with the rest of the game.

The player can expect to undertake simple pelt gathering missions, small hunting missions of ease with the right skills, quests to slay the mightiest of beasts, and will follow a story that will rock the fabric of the land. Players will learn new skills, earn unique perks, obtain unique weapons and armour, travel the length and breadth of Skyrim and beyond; all of this centred around a radiant and dynamic faction. Building new outposts, upgrading as they go, players will be able to customise how the guild itself is created. Using crafting mechanics similar to Hearthfire, players will even be able to craft unique trophies from their special hunts.

The story of the Hunters of Skyrim is just beginning. Where it will end, is up to you.

Mod Versions

For compatibility reasons this mod has been split into two versions. The standard version includes everything, and the No Perks version includes everything except the perk tree edits. Users of mods that change perks and skill trees should use the No Perks version. More info on the Compatibility page.

However Path of the Hunter allows No Perks users to earn my perks without breaking compatibility.