Animal Trapping

A new feature coming soon is the addition of animal trapping. There are some mods already available that offer this feature but I hope to bring something new to the table with mine. Plus it goes hand in hand with hunting anyway.

My animal trapping will focus on a variety of ways to catch animals, not just a variety of bait. I hope to have several methods and contraptions for the player to use, including (obviously) the Bear Trap object already found in the game.

Below you'll find some information on animal traps as I create them. I will also edit this page accordingly when the feature it released.

How it Works

Traps will be objects that you drop, and "activate" to set up, exactly like how you set up a Portable Skinning Kit. You will bait them, and after a period of time, you may have made a catch.

It's better to set up a trap on a flat surface, otherwise your trap can end up wonky, stuck in the ground, or even floating above it.

Types of Traps

Here you'll find information on the different kinds of traps available to the player.

Rabbit Trap

The Rabbit Trapping Kit allows you to specifically bait and trap Rabbits. This can come in handy as not only are Rabbits sometimes hard to find, they're also difficult to catch.

Technically it's scripted and mechanical, but think of it like this. If a Rabbit is successfully caught, the steel rod will be knocked causing the stone to fall and crush the Rabbit's body or skull. When you return you can collect the carcass from inside the basket.