Animal Trapping

A new feature coming in version 1.37 is the addition of animal trapping. This feature is currently available to beta test on the nexus. Feel free to give it a try. It will be out of beta w/c 3rd August.

My animal trapping will focus on a variety of ways to catch animals, not just a variety of bait, and is heavily influenced by the region the player is in. I hope to have several methods and contraptions for the player to use, including (obviously) the Bear Trap object already found in the game.

Below you'll find some information on animal traps as I create them. I will also edit this page accordingly when the feature is released.

How it Works

Traps will be objects that you drop, and "activate" to set up, exactly like how you set up a Portable Skinning Kit. You will bait them, and after a period of time, you may have made a catch. If the bait doesn't work for an animal in your region, the trap will always fail. If the bait works but your trapping skill isn't high enough, the bait will be taken but your trap won't catch an animal.

Trap radiance ensures fun and random events can happen whether the trap is successful or not. Events such as a treasure hunter being caught by your trap leading to a quest, or a group of Skeever being attracted to your kill.

Types of Traps

Animal Trap

The primary method for trapping animals, the animal trap catches almost all types of animal using almost all types of bait. Varieties of different baits and regions determine the available animals.

Arcane Trap

Conjured traps enriched with elemental damage, Arcane Traps are cast on the ground and come in three types; Fire, Frost and Shock. Each type gives a slight increase in the chance of trapping different animals. More information coming soon. Currently in testing.

Arcane Fire Trap (baited)
Fire damage effect

Insect Trap

Insect traps can be set up almost everywhere and trap insects within approx. 4 to 6 hours. Once placed they can remain stationary, so that you can set these up around your permanent camp or hut, and are only removed if you choose to do so.

More info coming soon for all trapping. Check out the above video!