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Animal Dens

Animal Dens

Animal Dens are dungeons that are home to a variety of different animals and creatures. There are currently 5 featured in the mod.

The majority of them are home to just a single animal, but there will be some that are home to a "family" of animals. Their interiors are generally small in size and sometimes dead bodies, chests, and unique journals can be found inside. They can also be used as homes for an animal you're hunting during a Hunt Contract. They will be tucked away, mostly hidden, in the brush and thicket of the wilds.

Most of them work by allowing the player to activate the entrance, and upon activation a message will appear asking if you wish to climb inside. If you're in combat you won't be able to enter; think of it as crawling into a small hole would leave you vulnerable to attack. Exiting the Animal Den works in exactly the same way. There are some however that will work like cave entrances. These will also simply be called "Animal Den".

I have created Animal Dens to give more variety to animal abodes and locations, and hopefully they will come across as well designed and as though they were intended in the original game.

As I add more Animal Dens I'll add different sections to this website, but ideally don't want to give away their locations. You will be able to stumble upon them in-game, and eventually maps will be purchasable from Hunters or other Guild members, or just found out in the world.


Until I add a method to learn of their locations in-game, aside from simply finding them by accident, the den locations are shown below; if you choose to click the links to view the images.

Exterior Example Images

Interior Example Images