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Portable Skinning Kits

Portable Skinning Kits

Portable Skinning Kits can be crafted at Portable Skinning Kit Crafting Tables if you meet the requirements. They can also be purchased from Hunting Guild shopkeepers. There are 8 variations available for the 3 main types; Deer, Elk, Horse, Bear, Snow Bear, Sabre Cat, Snowy Sabre Cat, and Mammoth. Crafting Tables can be found at the Whiterun Guild Outpost next to the Skinning Table, and at the Skinning Shed outside the main Guild Hall.

What these kits allow the player to do depends on which skinning system they're using.

Carcass Skinning System

In the Carcass Skinning system Portable Skinning Kits allow the player to skin animal carcass objects when mobile, stopping the need to return to appropriate skinning tables.

Realistic Skinning System

In the Realistic Skinning system Portable Skinning Kits give a skinning time bonus when the player has one in their inventory; no need to drop it and set it up. Skinning animals in this system takes time (time passes in game, literally speaking the player spends no extra time skinning), so these can help lower that time. The time bonus breakdown is as follows:

Basic Kits - 10% bonus
Common Kits - 15% bonus
Expert Kits - 20% bonus

Creation & Types

Portable KitWeightCrafting Requirements
Basic Skinning Kit1.0Skinning Level 2
1 x Pelt from above list
1 x Iron Dagger
3 x Leather Strips
Common Skinning Kit1.0
Skinning Level 10
1 x Good Pelt from above list
1 x Steel Dagger
6 x Leather Strips
Expert Skinning Kit1.0Skinning Level 25
1 x Fine Pelt from above list
2 x Elven Daggers
10 x Leather Strips
Mammoth Skinning Kit1.0Skinning Level 30
1 x Fine Mammoth Pelt
5 x Elven Daggers
12 x Leather Strips

Variations by Hanaisse