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Misc. Features

Miscellaneous Features

This mod adds or changes a number of little things that aren't big enough to have their own page. Some of the little things I add are numerous and small and sometimes not worth mentioning. However where needed I have listed them below.

  • The hides from Elk are no longer called Deer Hides; they're now called Elk Hides.
  • In order for Hawks to be included in my skinning system I needed to add a script directly to the "container" hawk object that is spawned when you hit a hawk in the sky.
  • Animal "clue" recognition system partly in place, but doesn't have its own website section yet. Animal Dens include animal claw clues (near their entrance/exit) and when inspected will be remembered once the animal that made them is killed. This will be expanded upon and used in Hunts.

Dynamic Mod Content
  • Users of my Woodsman's Shack player home will find a skinning table and skinning rack outside.

  • Custom chairs have been created and added.
    Chopping block chair placed in the Drunken Huntsman.
    Log bench and crate chair in the Whiterun Outpost.
    Chopping block chair and hay bale chair by the skinning shed at Deerstalker Lodge.
  • Hunting in Skyrim includes 3 new loading screens.

Guild Halls
  • The Whiterun Outpost firepit, purchased via an upgrade, causes fire damage when entered. This actually doesn't happen often with fires in Skyrim.
  • If you use Real Wildlife Skyrim a statue exists in the Whiterun outpost that lets you convert the large pelts added by that mod into 2 normal pelts.

  • Wandering Hunters in the game will comment on your Guild achievements.
  • When a new Guild Hall is being built, builders will be present and working on site. They can't be interacted with, they're purpose is simply for aesthetics.