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Food Chain

Animal Food Chain System

This mod adds a small but immersive feature that gives an effect to predator animals killing prey animals. This system is currently linked to the Kill Tracking system.

When a predator (Wolf, Sabrecat, Bear - currently the only ones featured) kills a prey animal (Goat, Deer, Elk, Cow, Horse, Horker - currently the only ones featured) the animal will have on it something to let you know what killed it. For a Bear, the victim will have Bear Claws, and for a Sabrecat it will have a Sabrecat Tooth.

Later in development I will be building on this feature. When a predator kills a prey animal (as listed above) it will have meat in it's belly for whatever animal it may have killed. These stack to, so if a Bear has had a good meal of Goat, Cow, and Deer, it could possibly have Goat Meat, Beef, and Vension in it's inventory when you kill it.

This extra part of the feature will be technically separate from the first part, so it can be made optional. This is because there are mods like SkyTEST that already do this.