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Standard Animals

Standard Animals

Standard animals are those you can find wandering the wilds of Skyrim. These are not "new" animals, but merely variations of existing animals using different textures and stats.

They are not unique or classified as Legendary, and are sometimes found in place of other animals due to them being added to Levelled Actor lists via script (allowing full compatibility with other mods that directly edit said lists).

They are not only different in appearance but their stats are also different (usually higher) to their vanilla counterparts. For example, Timber Wolves are stronger and have higher stats than normal Wolves found in the game. Standard animals do not have ridiculous stats unlike some other mod added creatures, however they are tougher.

Timber Wolf

Known for their increased health, endurance and stamina, Timber Wolves can be found in forested areas in both Skyrim and Cyrodil.

They are usually more aggressive than regular wolf breeds, and as such pose a greater threat to the surrounding towns and villages; particularly farmers and hermits.

Level Health Magicka Stamina
12 122 0 255

White Wolf

These wolves are a hardier and larger version of their Ice Wolf cousins. They are strong, fast, and more fierce than a Timber Wolf.

They are rarely sighted, but are usually found in high ground, snowy and cold areas. Approach with caution.

Level Health Magicka Stamina
18 182 0 435

Black Sabre Cat

Aside from mythical creatures and Mammoths, Black Sabre Cats are the strongest and fiercest of all wildlife found in Skyrim. They are so rare that only 3 people are reported to have seen one, 2 of which were not found alive.

Little is known of these beasts, other than one should stay clear of them. They are ferocious, have a high tolerance for pain and damage, can run for miles without tiring, and are feared by children most of all. Legend tells of prides of Black Sabre Cats abducting children not just for eating.

Level Health Magicka Stamina
22 310 0 345