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Pelt Prices

Pelt Prices

Full Animal Skin Price Guide

Prices correct as of version 1.3.6

Below you'll find a full list of all animal pelts and hides that shows their value (labelled Default), as well as their value (Good, Fine, Flawless) as they are improved by unlocking the Quality Skinning ability. The list is sorted by gold value. The default value shown for existing animal pelts in the game is the new value I have set. See further down the page for more details on the price changes.


New pelts added by my mod, including pelts from new animals in my mod, are marked with a *. New pelts added to animals only after the player receives their Log Book. These require the same conditions for the animal's Stat Tracking system to work. I.E. if you receive a stat for killing a Troll, that Troll will earn you a Troll Pelt.

For more details on the new animal skins added by this mod, visit the New Items page.

Animal Skin Default Good Fine Flawless
Sabre Cat Black Pelt* 230 255 285 320
Mammoth Pelt* 200 215 240 265
Werewolf Pelt 200 N/A N/A N/A
Snow Bear Pelt 150 165 180 200
Cave Bear Pelt 120 135 150 170
Bear Pelt 100 115 130 150
Snowy Sabre Cat Pelt 80 95 115 130
White Wolf Pelt* 70 85 105 125
Horker Hide* 60 75 85 100
Vale Sabre Cat Hide*506075105
Sabre Cat Pelt 50 60 75 95
Timber Wolf Pelt* 50 60 75 95
Frost Troll Pelt* 50

Troll Pelt* 40

Ice Wolf Pelt 30 37 45 55
Horse Hide 30 37 45 55
Wolf Pelt 20 26 32 40
Elk Hide 20 26 32 40
Vale Deer Hide*20263250
Deer Hide 20 26 32 40
Cow Hide 20 26 32 40
Snow Fox Pelt 14 20 25 30
Goat Hide 10 15 20 25
Fox Pelt 10 15 20 25
Rabbit Fur* 4 6 8 12

*Vale Deer/Sabre Cat Hide requires the Dawnguard official DLC.

Price Changes

The price for animal skins in Skyrim is pretty low. And given the fact that the Speech skill determines how much you actually earn from an item's value, selling pelts and hides can be almost worthless. I have increased the values of animal skins, as well as Leather and Leather Strips, to try and make living off of the land a more viable source of income. This happens from the moment you install this mod.

There are other mods out there that increase skin prices, but most of them increase the value so much they have a higher value than some of the best armour and weapons in the game! I feel I have reached a happy balance with simply doubling (in most cases) the value.

Below is a table with each item I've changed the price for, it's old value, and it's new value. Formatted in order of new value.

Animal Skin Old Value New Value
Werewolf Pelt 20 200
Snow Bear Pelt 75 150
Cave Bear Pelt 60 120
Bear Pelt 50 100
Snowy Sabre Cat Pelt 40 80
Sabre Cat Pelt 25 50
Ice Wolf Pelt 15 30
Horse Hide 15 30
Leather 10 25
Wolf Pelt 10 20
Deer Pelt* 10 20
Vale Sabre Cat Hide*1050
Vale Deer Hide*1020
Deer/Elk Hide 10 20
Cow Hide 10 20
Snow Fox Pelt 7 14
Goat Hide 5 10
Fox Pelt 5 10
Leather Strips 3 6
*Deer Pelt tot used by the game.
*Vale Deer Hide requires the Dawnguard official DLC and price change requires SKSE.
*Vale Sabre Cat Hide requires the Dawnguard official DLC and price change requires SKSE.