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Skinning Animals

Skinning Animals

Hunting in Skyrim brings two new methods of obtaining animal skins to the game. Both systems DO NOT conflict with mods that alter animal loot. Players can choose a skinning system when they have received their log book. They don't have to use either system, this is customisable via mod options in Path of the Woodsman.

Carcass Skinning System

The Carcass Skinning System involves taking a hunted animal's carcass away to be skinned at a skinning station, or skinned using a portable skinning kit. The system works in line with the game's existing crafting system, whereby you use the "carcass" object to craft an animal skin; as seen in the picture below. When the skin is crafted the player is also given all the items the animal would have had on it when it died.

Realistic Skinning System

The Realistic Skinning System works almost exactly like the skinning system found in Red Dead Redemption. When the player activates a dead animal an (optional) animation will play showing the player getting down to skin the animal. After a couple of seconds the animal will appear as though it was skinned with a new model and texture.