Hunters of Skyrim

The Hunters of Skyrim will become an economic and public service powerhouse, providing services such as pelt/animal part collecting, hunting for game or sport, as well as protecting the good people of Tamriel from the foulest of beasts the lands have ever seen.

The reach of the guild will be almost unlimited, and it will have outposts strewn across Skyrim, as well as in Solstheim, High Rock, Valenwood, and who knows where else.

The player will follow the journey of this guild from it's humble beginnings, right up until the climax of it's tale, rising through the ranks as the guild grows in size, strength, and renown. Unlike some stories being told in the world, the player may not be the star of the show in this yarn. The guild will grow around them, and will be a living breathing establishment that's lore friendly and fits in perfectly with the rest of the game.

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