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Main Quests

Main Quests

The story of the Hunters of Skyrim begins with the construction of the Guild itself. From humble beginnings you get to play a part in the rise of what will become one of the greatest factions in Skyrim. Along the way the Guild will grow in size, strength, and unimaginable adventures will bring together a rich, dynamic and engaging story.

The journey will not be easy. What lies ahead is not yet seen, but the land will be rocked to it's core, and the people of Skyrim will be forever in debt to the Hunters of Skyirm.

The main quests in this mod are grouped together in chapters. As the Guild progresses, different chapters are played out. I develop the main quests in this mod in chapters (or stages). In this way each chapter will feel like a new story. You can select each chapter in the menu on the left, or by clicking the links below.

Guild Beginnings

Gain Jarl Approval

Deerstalker Lodge