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Chapter 1

Chapter One

Guild Beginnings

Upon hearing of a new Hunting Guild coming to Skyrim you make your way to Whiterun, to the Drunken Huntsman tavern. A door in the far corner leads down to a newly constructed basement area; the home of the Hunting Guild Whiterun Outpost. Inside there are hard working builders busy getting everywhere finished. On a small table, at the back of the room, you find a journal titled Hunting Guild Beginnings. This journal requests that an adventurer complete a number of tasks, and is promised Guild membership as a reward. You take the journal, and begin your journey to becoming the greatest hunter Tamriel has ever known.

  • It All Starts With A Wolf
    Hunt and kill a Wolf causing trouble near Riverwood.
  • Zenithar Has Mudcrabs
    Kill the Giant Mudcrabs inhabiting Zenithar's Shrine.
  • Pelts For The People
    Collect 10 Wolf Pelts and 10 Deer/Elk Hides for the Guild.
  • The Great White (Also a Legendary Creature)
    Hunt and kill the legendary creature, Great White (pictured).
    Location Spoiler: West of Morthal, North-East of Meko's Shack.