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Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Gain Jarl Approval

With the Hunters of Skyrim starting to take shape, a stigma still remains. Hunters are seen as poachers by the Jarls of Skyrim. Roaming hunters across the land will tell this story. For construction of the Guild to continue, the Hunters of Skyrim must gain approval from the Jarl of Whiterun. Elberond instructs you to complete this task. Knowing the future of the Guild hangs on your actions, as you make your way atop the hill to Dragonsreach, you know what you must do.

  • Hunting Guild Main Hall
    Visit the site of the new Main Guild Hall.
  • There's More than One Way to Skin a...
    ​Learn how to properly skin an animal.
  • Gain Jarl Approval
    Gain approval to continue Guild construction from the Jarl of Whiterun's Steward.
  • A Skeever Problem
    ​Exterminate the Skeevers inside Hall of the Dead, in Whiterun.
  • A Deer Old Feast
    ​Kill 8 Deer and return 8 Venison to the Steward of Whiterun.
  • The First of Many... (Radiant Quest)
    Complete the first official Guild Contract to collect a number of pelts for a Blacksmith in Whiterun.