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Side Quests

Side Quests

Side Quests give the player something to do in between following the main story. Hunting in Skyrim offers a variety of different kinds of side quests, some of which are governed by how you play this mod.

Challenges are a series or tasks (quests) the player can complete requiring them to hunt and kill animals and creatures in a variety of different ways. The goal of these challenges may be to allow the player to gain renown, be rewarded with the ability to craft unique weapons and armour, unlock special abilities, and even earn maps to unique locations or animal dens.

Other guild members may ask you to do favours for them. These will vary widely, some fairly simple, others possibly leading into long adventures.

When the player is not following the main quest line they are able to undertake a variety of Guild Jobs. These jobs form the backbone of the side quests in Hunting in Skyrim. The jobs available depend upon the player's various skills and actions, and the majority of them are random and radiant, allowing for almost unlimited replay value.