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Recruiting Guild Members

During the course of the Hunting Guild being constructed and establishing itself in the land, you will be called upon to recruit new members. This will take some time from my end as the NPCs will be main characters in this mod and will need voice acting, back story, and all of that good stuff.

However in the coming months as development of my mod progresses I will be adding an in-depth radiant system to allow recruiting of random Hunters in the world. Guild members recruited radiantly have the added bonus of being replaceable when they die. For unique guild members, dead is dead.

I will add more details as each update comes if anything changes.

Below are the available recruiting quests, separated by Guild Hall.

Whiterun Guild Outpost

  • Recruit A Merchant
    Recruit a random hunter in the wilds to become the Whiterun Guild merchant. Available when purchasing the Shop upgrade, and again when the first recruited merchant dies. See Whiterun Outpost for more details.