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Shipmentss are similar to normal contracts, but require a larger number of animal skins, and are to be delivered to a designated shipment drop-off point for export to other provinces. Like normal contracts each one is radiant. As your Skinning Skill increases you will be offered contracts for higher quality pelts, but only if you're known for quality through your Quality Skinning ability. Quality Skinning plays a bigger roll on exporting. Here is a video showing how they are setup and replenished.

Shipments can fall into 2 different levels.
  • Export
    Standard shipment contract.

  • Presitgious
    If a shipments is prestigious, it means the client is high profile.

Unlike normal contracts, most of the time shipments are available to accept in all Guild Halls that have the facility. Meaning if the Main Guild Hall has a Solstheim shipment, the Whiterun Guild Outpost will do to. Unless specified, all shipments fall under that rule. Lastly all shipments are repeatable (unless specified as being a one-off) and radiant.

A twist to shipments is that the quest may have difficulty along the way. Certain factors can lead to the shipment being stolen, or the player being attacked on the way to the shipment chest. This will be explored and explained in more detail when the feature is released.

The following is the list of available shipments.

Standard Shipments

  • Pelts for Solstheim
    Collect a number of animal skins and deliver them to the shipment chest at the Windhelm docks.

  • Pelts for Valenwood
    Collect a number of animal skins and deliver them to the shipment chest at the Solitude docks.