Skills & Abilities

This page is a quick breakdown/summary of the skill system in Hunting in Skyrim. For more in-depth details, click the title of each section, or use the navigation menu on the left to select an option.

This is my own custom skill menu where the player can view all of the abilities available to unlock, check out their skill levels quickly, and to learn more about each skill and ability. Users of the No Perks version who use SKSE can also unlock the perks in this mod without affecting the normal game skill trees!

The Skill Tree System is called Path of the Woodsman, and allows the player to follow different paths through a Hunter class (and eventually a Ranger class), to unlock unique abilities tailored to that play style.

This skill system is only available when the player receives their stat tracking Log Book.

These are used to unlock abilities and are earned with the following calculation, rounded off to the nearest integer.

(Hunting Skill ÷ 5) + (Skinning Skill ÷ 5)

So each time you increase your Hunting or Skinning skill by 5 levels, you'll earn 1 Skill Point. Or you can increase your Hunting skill by 3, and Skinning Skill by 2, and this will net you 1 Skill Point. The 5 level increase can be mix and match. You will be informed in-game by a message in the top corner of the screen if you have earned a skill point.