Hunting Skill

Hunting Skill

The player's Hunting Skill increases as they hunt and kill animals. The player's Skinning Skill also has a small influence on their Hunting Skill. The higher this skill the more abilities players will be able to unlock, and higher level quests will become available. Hunting Skill is linked to Guild hunting quests & contracts.

Hunting Abilities
By increasing your Hunting skill you have access to unlock unique abilities. Visit the Hunting Abilities page for more details!
Huntsman Feats
A skill modifier called Huntsman Feats is tracked in the Log Book and goes towards the player's overall Hunting skill. Each time you earn a Huntsman Feat, a notification will show in the top left corner of your screen. Your total Huntsman Feats can be found in your Log Book.

How It's Calculated

(((Huntsman Feats ÷ 10) + Total Hunt Kills) ÷ 10) + (Skinning Skill ÷ 10)

Hunting skill is determined by the above calculation, rounded off to the nearest integer. So if you had a total of 9 Huntsman Feats, 55 Hunting Kills, and a Skinning Skill of 29, your actual Hunting Skill would be 9.