Skinning Skill

Skinning Skill

The player's Skinning Skill can be improved by skinning animal carcasses. Skinning Skill also has a small influence on a player's Hunting Skill. As they increase their Skinning Skill players will gain more renown and become well known for skinning high grades of pelts. Higher level contracts will be unlocked, and people from all over the world will be requesting the high quality skins you can craft.

Players will also be able to unlock unique abilities as they increase their Skinning Skill.


By increasing your Skinning skill you have access to unlock unique abilities. Visit the Skinning Abilities page for more details!

How It's Calculated

(Total Animals Skinned ÷ 5) + (Total Skins Improved ÷ 12)

Skinning skill is determined by the above calculation, rounded off to the nearest integer. So if you had a total of 120 animals skinned, and 6 skins improved, your Skinning Skill will be 25.