Skinning Abilities

Skinning Abilities

By increasing your Skinning skill you are able to unlock unique abilities through Path of the Hunter.

Quality Skinning

When unlocked, players will be able to improve animal pelts and hides at a Skinning Rack. Standard skins are the lowest value skins, and improved skins come in three grades; Good, Fine and Flawless. Improving the grade of a skin will increase it's value. A full list of all price increases based on grade can be found on the Pelt Prices page.
Improving animal skins also acts as a skill modifier. Improving skins increases your Skinning skill, which helps net you Skill Points more quickly.

Improved skins cannot be used for crafting normal weapons and armour, but can be sold for a higher than normal price, and used to craft special Hunting Guild equipment. They can also be used to craft improved Leather at Skinning Racks.
  • Level 1 - Animal skins can be improved to Good grade.
    Requirements: Skinning Skill - 10, Skill Points - 1.
  • Level 2 - Animal skins can be improved to Fine grade.
    Requirements: Skinning Skill - 25, Skill Points - 2.
  • Level 3 - Animal skins can be improved to Flawless grade.
    Requirements: Skinning Skill - 35, Skill Points - 4.

Skinning Racks can be found at the following locations:

There is an added bonus to unlocking Quality Skinning. You will be able to craft Good, Fine, and Flawless Leather from improved animal skins. These leathers are more valuable than the standard type. Like improved pelts, these cannot be used in standard crafting, but can be sold for high prices.

Clean Skinning

When unlocked, this ability enables the player to obtain two skins when they skin an animal carcass, and comes in 2 levels. Level 1 enables two skins to be obtained from Cow, Deer, Elk, Goat, Fox, Snow Fox, Hawk*, Horse, and Wolves. Level 2 enables two skins to be obtained from all skinnable animals.
  • Level 1 - Two skins received when skinning a Cow, Deer, Elk, Goat, Fox, Snow Fox, Hawk*, Horse, Rabbit, and Wolf.
    Requirements: Skinning Skill - 30, Skill Points - 2.
  • Level 2 - Two skins earned from all skinnable carcasses.
    Requirements: Skinning Skill - 40, Skill Points - 4.
*In the case of Hawks, you get double the amount of feathers.

Portable Skinning

It takes you actual in-game time to set up and pack away your Portable Skinning Kit. Portable Skinning allows you to improve your setup and pack away time. However unlike other abilities, you will unlock and upgrade this ability automatically simply using your kit more, without the need to use Skill Points.

There are three levels to Portable Skinning as follows:
  • Level 1 Setup Times (Default).
    Basic Kit - 2 hours
    Common Kit - 4 hours
    Expert/Mammoth Kit - 6 Hours
  • Level 2 Setup Times. Requires 20 portable skins.
    Basic Kit - 1 hours
    Common Kit - 3 hours
    Expert/Mammoth Kit - 5 Hours
  • Level 1 Setup Times. Requires 35 portable skins.
    Basic Kit - 0 hours
    Common Kit - 1 hours
    Expert/Mammoth Kit - 3 Hours
Pack away time is always 25% (or 1/4) of the setup time.