Trapping Skill

Trapping Skill

The player's Trapping Skill increases as they trap animals using a variety of methods.The higher this skill the more abilities players will be able to unlock, and higher level quests will become available. Trapping Skill is linked to Guild hunting quests & contracts.

Trapping Abilities
By increasing your Trapping Skill you're able to unlock unique abilities. Visit the Trapping Abilities page for more details!

How Skill is Calculated

(((Traps Used ÷ 5) + (Traps Succeeded ÷ 2.5) + (Total Repairs ÷ 5)) x 0.7)

Trapping Skill is determined by the above calculation, rounded off to the nearest integer. So if you had a total of 20 traps used, 4 trap successes, and 25 trap repairs, your Trapping Skill would be 7.

How Trapping Chance is Calculated


Base chance currently starts at 20%. So regardless of anything else a trap will have at least a 1/5 chance of being successful.

40% of your Trapping Skill gets added to the base chance. If your skill was 50 that would be an extra 20%.

Trap quality adds extra chance as follows:

Novice Trap, adds 5% to chance
Apprentice's Trap, adds 8% to chance
Journeyman's Trap, adds 13% to chance
Master's Trap, adds 18% to chance

So as an example if you had a skill of 10, using a novice trap, without any chance modifiers, your chance of success would be 29%.

Chance Modifiers

Certain conditions will add extra chance as follows:

Night time = Base chance + 20%
Snowing = Base chance + 10%
Region Expert (>10 successful traps in that region) = Base chance + 10%
Trap Hidden Bonus = Base chance + 5%

Notice how it relates to base chance. That means they add on to the original 20% chance, plus the skill addition, plus the quality addition. They do not stack on top of other modifiers, they just add onto the base chance.

So if we take the example I gave above, and make it so the trap catches during the night, in the snow, your overall chance would be 37.7%, or written another way, more than 1/3 traps are successful.