Skill Points

Skill Points

Skill Points are used to spend on unlocking abilities. The higher the level of an ability the more Skill Points you need to upgrade that ability.

You earn skill points by increasing your Hunting Skill, Skinning Skill and Trapping Skill.

Boosting Skill Points

As your Hunting Skill is determined not just by your kill count but also your Huntsman Feats, those can be great skill modifiers; a quick way to bump up your skill level to gain Skill Points more quickly.

Skinning Skill has a similar modifier; Quality Skinning. By unlocking this ability, upgrading an animal skin boosts your skinning skill and like Huntsman Feats, is a good way to push your skill level to gain more Skill Points.

How They're Calculated

(Hunting Skill ÷ 5) + (Skinning Skill ÷ 5) + (Trapping Skill ÷ 4)

Each time you increase your Hunting or Skinning skill by 5 levels, you'll earn 1 Skill Point. Or, for example, you can increase your Hunting skill by 3, and Skinning Skill by 2, and this will also earn you 1 Skill Point. The 5 level increase can be mix and match. You will be informed in-game by a message in the top corner of the screen if you have earned a skill point.

Ranger Skill System

Although not developed yet, this is how they will work with the Ranger skill system. When the player increases skills linked to the Ranger skill system, they will also unlock Skill Points. Skill points will be completely universal, and can be used to unlock any ability across any path/play style. So increasing Hunting and Skinning skills, or Ranger linked skills, will earn you skill points.