Skill Tree System

Skill Tree System

(aka Path of the Woodsman)

This guide will show you how my new skill system will work. Please read it carefully to understand it.

Released in update 1.3.3 is a custom skill tree system built into the Stat Tracking system. It is entirely separate from the normal game skills by being accessible via a menu system, and is thusly 100% compatible with any skill changing mods out there. It is viewable by casting your Path of the Woodsman power, which the player is given when they receive their log book. It allows the player to unlock different abilities according to how they want to play the game. Either as a Hunter, a Ranger character, or even a mix of both!

You will have a choice in the main Woodsman menu for Path of the Hunter which focusses on the hunting and skinning aspects, and includes abilities specialising in that play style. Later in development there will be a Path of the Ranger skill tree, which focuses not just on a little hunting, but also exploring, alchemy and plant collecting, and things of that nature.

How it Works

This guide explains how to navigate the skill tree system. For the purposes of this guide I will use the Kill Vision ability, as part of the Path of the Hunter branch.

With this system the player is able to learn more about the new skills in this mod, as well as unlock unique abilities. The following screen appears whenever the player casts their Path of the Woodsman power (the player's name will be displayed in this box).

From here the player can select Path of the Hunter, then they are shown this screen. 

From here the player can see what their current Hunting and Skinning skill levels are, and also see their current available Skill Points. Where relevant these figures will always show for the player's convenience. Here the player can choose a skill to view.

Here the player can choose to view the various abilities available for a skill, to see more info on the skill itself, and to return to the previous screen.

The available abilities will then be shown to the player. From here they can select an ability, like Kill Vision, or return to the skill menu itself.

Each ability page will show a screen like the one above. It will give the player all the information they need regarding the current ability effects if they have it unlocked, and what they need to unlock the next level. If the player meets the requirements for the next level, an Upgrade button will appear before Info. Each ability page also has a more info section, where the player can see what the ability actually does in more detail.

No Perk Tree Users

There is an added bonus to users of the No Perk Tree version of the mod if they also use SKSE. Players will be able to use Perk Points that the player unlocks when they level up a game skill, to spend on unlocking the perks featured in the normal version of the mod. This method should be 100% compatible with other skill tree editing and perk adding mods out there. This method does not edit or touch the standard game perk trees in any way; it's all taken care of in my Stat Tracking system.

For more info on what the perks are, visit the Perks page.

The menu that users of the No Perks version and SKSE will see when they casts the Path of the Woodsman power and select Path of the Hunter, will look like this:

From here, in exactly the same way as the above abilities, players will be able to navigate through a menu system enabling the unlocking of the perks. Players will also see how many perk points they have available, without having to keep checking the game's skill menu.

The various perks are separated by the skill the depend on; either Archery or Light Armour.

The following screen will show all available perks to unlock pertaining to the chosen skill.

Using the same layout as seen with the abilities screen, all of the requirements and more details on the perks can be accessed here. If the player meets the requirements shown, an Upgrade button will appear before Info. When upgraded the player will have a Perk Point removed and the perk will be given to them.

The mod will automatically check when the game is loaded if you're using the No Perks version and SKSE. So if you don't have both, the perks menu will not be accessible.