About The Author

About The Author

My name is Richard, better known as B1gBadDaddy on the forums and mod sites. I've been gaming since my earliest memories; Sega Master System II started it all. Since then it's always been a passion of mine. When I stumbled across Morrowind almost 10 years ago I fell instantly in love with Bethesda and their "Live another life, in another world" game design. I'd never gotten into modding before, aside from making some custom maps on Age of Empires II, and when Skyrim was released, I wanted to get in on the action.

I started modding almost as soon as the Skyrim Creation Kit was released. It started out small, changing NPC outfits, building player homes, and generally messing around in the guts of the game. I posted a mod request (a common practice) on the official Skyrim forums for someone to create a hunting style experience like what you have in Red Dead Redemption. It got a little interest, and as the thread went on I became more interested in getting in and actually making it myself. The idea grew into creating a Hunting Guild, and creating a hunting experience like in Red Dead Redemption centered around that.

Creating a Guild was going to be no easy task. Considering I had almost zero Creation Kit experience, and even less knowledge of scripting. However I hit the tutorials hard, watched YouTube videos, scoured the Creation Kit forums, and eventually started creating advanced things in the game. I'd learnt enough to release the first version of the mod. It simply had the price changes and perks, with the promise of a Guild to come. That was June 2012.

Next came the early Guild itself. The first handful of quests were done, the Whiterun Outpost was started, and my mod grew in popularity. With help from the folks at the Creation Kit forums, and the Creation Kit Wiki page, I delved into Basic Scripting, Story Manager, Radiance, Quest Design, Level Design, Lighting & Effects, Advanced Scripting, Advanced Quest Design, Crafting Mechanics, Spells & Magic, and so on. Radiance and Quests became my strong suit.

Because I'm such a perfectionist my release times are few and far between. I test, test again, then test my tests, and do as much bug testing as possible. It's kind of a good trait to have, and kind of my downfall.

The culmination of all my hard work is in this mod. I'm very proud of what I've been able to achieve in just over a year of modding. PC Gamer released an article online with the top 25 best Skyrim mods, and mine was featured. It was a good day - http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/10/28/the-25-best-skyrim-mods-2/5/

The mod will continue to be developed, and once I am happy with the gameplay, mechanics, and radiant quest framework I've created, the real work on building the Guild itself begins.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and for downloading my mod. I hope you enjoy it, and as always thanks for the support.


5th June 2013

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