Thanks & Credits


Firstly I would like to thank the good people who use my mod. Not just the users, but the folks who take the time to not only thank me for the hard work I put in, but also the ones who report bugs and let me know they're having trouble. Without the bug reports, who knows where mods would end up!

There have been countless occasions where a user of the Bethesda forums has helped me overcome a difficult scenario with developing this mod. And there are also a number of generous mod authors out there who have created modder resource packs, which have awesome high quality meshes or textures that they allow other modders to use. Without people like these, this mod would never be. I'd like to take this time to mention those people.

A huge thank you to the modding community over at the official Bethesda Forums. To name just a few members (in no particular order)...

JustinOther, h4vent, Sollar, DocClox, Chesko, Alexander J. Velicky, SteezMyster, Raflod, and DreamKing.

I would especially like to thank hypno88 for his continued support, ideas, and help with a number of aspects of Hunting in Skyrim.

Community Ideas

I would like to thank the following community members for their suggestions and ideas for Hunting in Skyrim, whether small contributions or large. If I've forgotten anyone it wasn't on purpose!

Skyrim Nexus
  • phellen
  • macrads
  • Mablus25
  • Arakhor
  • Akuthia
  • Jodi79

Mod Credits

The following mod creators have either helped me directly with specific things, allowed me to use various items as part of free to use resources, or have created items specifically for myself.

Huge thank you to Hanaisse of TES Alliance (Hana). She has helped me personally with most of my custom textures and models. Rabbit Carcasses, small glass trophies, Portable Skinning Kit texture variations, trap texture varieties, and skinned animal models (no small task). She has made my mod better and I'll always be grateful.

And last but certainly not least, I of course give a massive thank you to Bethesda Softworks/Game Studios themselves for not only making some of the best games in the world, but giving guys like myself great tools to be able to create mods in the first place.