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References to other games, books and films, as well as other little nuances are listed here.

Design & Creation

  • Originally the Hunting Guild was never going to be "constructed over time" in-game, it was intended to be a solid faction from start to finish. However due to mod development spanning time and actual construction happening in stages, the idea was born to bring into the story that the Guild was growing along with the narrative.
  • The idea for the carcass system came from a user at the Skyrim Nexus in 2012. Unfortunately I forget their name.
  • Even if I complete the story, acting, scripting and game mechanics, and there's nothing left to give to the community, I will likely never call this mod "finished".


  • A recipe for cooking a brace of conies can be found inside the cabinet in the purchasable dining area of the Whiterun Outpost. A clear reference to The Lord of the Rings. "What's Taters, precious?"
  • The main quest A Skeever Problem is a homage to quests in previous TES games that involve killing rats.
  • Although behind the scenes, the number of animal carcasses the player collects is stored statistically. At some point this information may perhaps be used.

  • The Redguard builder found in the Whiterun outpost during construction is named Eli, a reference of course to The Book of Eli, which reminds me so much of Fallout 3.
  • Another builder is called Cait, named after the character from Final Fantasy VII.
  • Engar, the Guild Master, is actually my first Skyrim character. I exported his appearance from the game using the console, and imported him into the Creation Kit.
  • A currently unreleased NPC named Hana is named after Hanaisse who has contributed a lot to this mod. Specifically the skinned animal models and textures she has created, and tonnes of other stuff. A full list of her contributions can be found over on the Thanks & Credits page.
    Thank you Hana.