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Known Bugs

Known Bugs

Here you will find a list of bugs that are reported and have not yet been fixed in a released version of the mod. Where applicable it will be noted if it is fixed for the next mod version.

  • Hunting Guild Armour is not craftable. Will be fixed in 1.3.7 or via a hotfix.

Unable to Fix

There are some bugs that I haven't been able to fix, despite my best efforts.

Quest Bugs
  • The Great White Stag
    You are not able to activate the Great White Stag after killing her, preventing you from continuing the quest. It's so rare that only myself and one other person has ever reported the issue. Just load a previous save and it shouldn't happen again.

Reporting a Bug

If you think you have found a bug, slide on over to the Reporting a Bug page!

Note: Only Skyrim patch version and above is supported!